I still believe #TheRunningWriter

I still believe.


Even when I don’t see, I still believe.

These are some of my most favorite lyrics from Jeremy Camp’s song, I still believe.

When people find out that us crazy trail runners run out there in the pitch black, I get some funny looks along with the questions:

How can you trail run in the dark like that? Don’t you trip? How do you not fall? Is it scary?

Then it usually ends with a “You’re crazy.”

Well. I come by the crazy gene quite naturally from my Mt Kilimanjaro-climbing, 100+ marathon-running, cross-country biking father of mine.

Though I think he still owns the I’m crazy crown with that bike across America thing. 😀

Anyway. Yeah. It’s tougher running in the dark, I do stumble and yes I have fallen.

But we have great headlamps available to light the path. Sure, it only lets you see a few feet in front of you, but it’s enough to take the next couple of steps. And that’s all I need to see, really.

But we’re so programmed with the need to be in control and know everything coming our way, that when we can only see a few feet I front of us, we panic.

But if you think about it, a few feet is enough to see the obstacles in front of my like rocks, roots, snakes….

I can keep moving forward. One step at a time. They may be stumbling steps and I might trip, but I take the steps.

Like the song says. I still believe even when I can’t see. I believe the path is in front of me. I believe the sun will eventually rise and light more of the path. I believe things will work out.

But you have to keep moving.

Step over that rock that might be in your path at the moment. Or maybe it’s feeling like a boulder…climb over it. Keep moving, my friends. Even when you can’t see, you can believe things will get better.

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