I Triple Dog Dare You…

I’m not a big fan of this movie, but even I have to admit the writing is creative and the story is pretty unique.  Especially this part:


Ever stick your tongue to a frozen pole?

9 thoughts on “I Triple Dog Dare You…

  1. I LOVE this movie. I watch it year round & can’t wait for the christmas eve marathon to start. I have the village for Ralphie and I have a small leg lamp that I keep out year round. I am even planning a day trip to Cleveland to see the house & gift shop. My family tradition is watching The Nativity Story during christmas eve in the afternoon & then we watch the movie while eating chinese food just like they did on the movie after the neighbor dogs ate the turkey. Have a Happy Holiday.—Rachel

  2. I adore this movie! I can’t wait until the marathon, LOL And no, I’ve never stuck my tongue to a frozen pole or anything else. Nothing freezes around here except things in the freezer and I was never tempted to try.

    • My step-dad loves this movie. I’ve never been fond of it, but I think it’s slowly growing on me. LOL!! The writing is great. Funny one-liners, too!!!

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