I’m at Charlie’s Place….

I’m gearing up for the Wasteland blog tour, which starts September 7th, with a warm up blog stop at Smart Girls Love SciFi. I did a little post about Hope.

It’s kind of a theme of mine, considering I have Hope, Faith, and Love tattooed on my arm. And really, when I got to thinking about it, those themes pop up in most of my books. I’ve always been a die-hard, “There’s always hope!” with almost everything that’s happened to me in life.

And my character, David, well, he faces some pretty big obstacles…didn’t always trust the Hope thing…

So, I figured it’d be a fun thing to blog about.

I’m giving away an autographed cover flat, too, so come on over and share a little bit about where your Hope comes from. You might win a prize!

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