Well, as done as a writer can be.  I printed off the first copy of my second novel and gave it to someone else to read.  For months, I’ve been writing it, reading it, editing it, but it’s about done as I can get it before sending it through the editing wheels.  Then, I get to do it all over again:-)


That’s just part of the process.  But to know that I have it done enough for someone else to begin reading it and editing it, I’m astounded.  Me?  A second novel?  What planet did I get teleported to?  Always a tom boy to the core, athlete in training, movie watcher and anti-reader, I can’t believe I’m on this path.  Still a bit of a tom boy and athlete in training, but now I don’t watch many movies and I can’t get enough books to read to quench my thirst.   So weird.  But good weird.  

So, all my anxieties of having someone reading my work are back and I’m all nervous to hear what will be said about it.  When I gave out my first novel for the first time, I compared it to standing naked in the middle of a room with no coverings on the windows.  Literally, I feel that vulnerable.  

But, it has to be done.  Letting go a bit, opening yourself up for suggestions, and then the changes, changes, changes I’ll do to the book to make it better, tighter.  

So, if you pray, pray for a good review and for me to be open to the feedback.


2 thoughts on “I’M DONE!

  1. Congrats! Book No. 2. That’s awesome stuff.

    Thick skin is always a good thing to develop as writers because we’re putting out heart and soul out there for the world to read. They say the pen is mightier than the sword, and I think a writer’s courage proves that.

    Good Luck!

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