I’m in IOWA!

Okay, no Iowa jokes….well, only if they’re funny.

Yep, I’m here in Iowa for a few weeks. I’m super excited, too, because I get to spend time with Charlie’s parents.

You might remember Lynn from my posts about her here and here and here.

Yeah, I kinda like her (and her son…LOL)  Anyway, I came to Iowa to hang out with her and help around the house as she works to get stronger after her big surgery so she can face another round of Chemo.

Oh, and I’m sure we’ll be talking writing–JUST a little bit. Considering I have to get going on my Violet Midnight edits, I’m sure I’ll be doing some editing as well.

I went for a run today. It’s kind of creepy-fun running the paved trails through the corn fields. Stalks taller than me on both sides….Feels so Children of the Corn-like…..

8 thoughts on “I’m in IOWA!

  1. Dude, Lynn!
    I HATED that movie! Okay, I think I’m older than you by a hair, so I’m talking the old-school Children of the Corn from the 80’s… I was younger than I should’ve been to watch that movie, and it scared the bejeezees out of me. I cannot even imagine jogging through the cornfields for fun… Your creative juice are gonna go crazy (which is a good thing). Have fun with the edits of your book and enjoy your time with your mom-i-l.
    You’re all in my thoughts.

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