In Memory Of . . .

Throwback Thursdays–one of my favorite days to post. There’s just nothing like remembering fun little things from when you were growing up. Right?

Lite Brite, Big League Chew, Six Million Dollar Man. . . Those are just a few we’ve mentioned on our throwbacks.

Today, sadly, memories from my past are streaming in, but as a result of a shocking event–a high school classmate’s death.

At the young age of thirty-six, Brian left this earth too soon, in an unexpected and tragic manner.

I am up in my home state of Minnesota, along with many of my fellow high school classmates, to say goodbye to our friend. Such a sad event to bring us all together again, but hopefully there will be much laughter and celebration as we honor our friend.


So, to you, dear Brian, I say good-bye.

May you rest in peace my sweet friend.



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