As writers, we’re pretty observant–well usually–because we use many of the things we experience to fuel our writing. Heck, it seems like every day I find something that triggers the, “Ooooh, that’d make a great twist in a book,” or something like that.  I enjoy looking at everyday things, events, and people then trying to figure out how I can change it, add a supernatural flare and write something about them.  

But what MOST influences you in your writing? Is it other authors? Your friends? God? Movies? Music?….

If I had to pick, I’d have to say God, my husband, and music.  You  might wonder how God influences me and my writing. Does He give me ideas? Does He give me the words to type? Do I actually hear His voice? I don’t know that it’s that overt, but I really think He is just present, nudging me in different directions, opening doors for me to walk through.  I mean, how did I even get the urge to write? And think of the ideas of Shelby and The Light of Truth? I attribute that to God. Then, with my husband’s support it flourished into a trilogy. As I hit road blocks such as writer’s block, music inspired me on.  

Each writer has their own story, their own process of getting a novel or two or ten done…they have their own influencers.  Who or what yours?  And even if you’re NOT a writer, what influences you in your daily lives? Your hobbies?  I’d love to hear about it.


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