Hi, everyone. David here. So far I have not let my demon out and broken this frustrating computer. I know I must learn how to function in this 21st century, but it has proven difficult having been in isolation for 245 years.

So, when Lynn’s friend, Kendall, asked her if I would do an interview over on her blog, I adamantly refused. I have work to do, finding my Mark, fifteen-year-old Jessica Hanks (do you know her?) If I fail to locate her, I will be forced back into isolation for another two centuries. That, I cannot allow.

But Lynn can be persuasive, so I agreed. Please come over to Just Breathe and see what trouble I might get myself into as I talk with Gavin, the person Kendall wrote about in her novel, Inhale.

You will earn FIVE entries into the drawing for leaving a comment on her blog post.


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