As most of you know, I’m way into athletics. My husband is as well. So, when we heard this story a while ago, it really hit home.

What feels like a lifetime ago, I competed pretty seriously in tennis. Yep—started playing in sixth grade! It took me through high school and actually even paid some of my undergrad tuition.

So, I know the idea of competition and winning (losing too.)

Sara Tucholsky of Western Oregon University hit her very first home run, ever! Yep, but she collapsed due to a knee injury and couldn’t make it around the bases.

The OTHER team carried her around the bases because it wasn’t legal for her own teammates to do it.


Check this out:

What an amazing example they set for young people in sports!

***Pretty inspiring, isn’t it?***

7 thoughts on “INSPIRATION

  1. KM–glad you liked it.
    Kat–Yeah, that 3-pointer story was AWESOME! I’ll have to find that one and do that one too some time soon!! 🙂 Love these kinds of stories as well.

  2. These are the stories I love to see, hear, read.

    Did you ever see that video of the autistic kid who shot seven (I think) 3-pointers in a row? He hadn’t played a game all season, and his coach put him in at the last minute on a whim. He ended up stunning absolutely everyone.

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