Into The Woods…

Into the woodsSo, who’s seen INTO THE WOODS?

When it first came out, I wasn’t exactly excited to see it. And had I known it was a musical…for SURE I wouldn’t have seen it.

But a few friends mentioned they wanted to see it, so I figured I’d risk it to hang out with some friends.

The company was WAY better than the movie, put it that way.

Overall, I think I didn’t like it because I don’t like musicals. So that was a big part of it. The acting was fine, singing fine, special effects fine…. But I didn’t like the humor, nor where they took the “Happily Ever After.” In my mind, it wasn’t a happily ever after, and I didn’t like how they changed up the fairy tales.

But, I’m a romantic. So…to each his own.

So tell me, what’d YOU think of the movie?


3 thoughts on “Into The Woods…

  1. I like musicals, but thought it was too long. And some kids that were there-fairy tale, probably shouldn’t have been, since there was some innuendo-I was a bit confused but have not seen the original.

  2. My Daughter and I loved it since we love musicals. Yep, to each his own! My hubs was bored, and my son fell asleep lol!

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