Is it a book?

I caved.


I’ve finally entered the 21st century!

The NOOK from Barnes and Noble.

It looks so pretty, right? Kinda like a book.

Just a pink cover.

Now, I’m not the most technically inclined person, but even I figured this thing out in just a few minutes!


You might ask, “Why, Lynn? Don’t you just love the feel of a real book in your hands?”

Oh yeah! I fought it a long time. I love holding a print book in my hands. The feel of the pages as I turn them. Even the smell.

So what prompted me to get one?

A trip to ENGLAND.

Yep. In about a week, we’re heading out on a trip across the pond. I couldn’t very well bring, like, ten books with me. No way they’d all fit on my carry-on, you know?

So far, I’m lovin’ it.


So, do you have one? What are your thoughts on the whole e-reader thing? I’m curious.


11 thoughts on “Is it a book?

  1. Hey Lynne,

    Have a fab trip coming to see us Brits! You’re in luck as we’ve had the best summer in about thirty years (I kid you not!). I haven’t done the e-book reader thing – which is terrible as I have an e-book publisher! I like to read in the bath and I figure water and electricity don’t make good companions…

  2. Oooh… First, I love the new site design. Second, I use Kindle software on my netbook but haven’t made the leap to an actual unit. Can’t decide between the Nook and Kindle! When you get back from your trip, I’d love to hear how it worked out. I’d be afraid I’d drop it… LOL

    • Thanks, Katie. Yeah, I’m a little nervous to drop it, too, but the case will protect it fairly well, I hope. I’ll be sure to post details about the trip (including my Nook) when I get back. 🙂

  3. Awesome! I haven’t made the leap yet. I think I like the feel of the paper in my hands, the way it feels to crease open that first page, and dog-ear the pages, and highlight the passages with my favorite green highlighter.

  4. My friend has a Nook and I got to play with it a bit. I love them. I do enjoy the feel of a real book in my hands, but I think ebooks are paving the way for convenience and flexibility.

  5. Hehehehe…yep, I have one. Oh, but you know that ;). Awesome, isn’t it??

    NOTHING can replace the feel of a “real book” but I love that I can now buy MORE books than before. I get the print ones I would have bought anyway, and I can get free and super-cheap ebooks. I can read authors I may not have invested in before. I’m going to be tempted to spend a little on an ebook rather than go to the library–so I get to “keep” the book and the author gets a royalty he or she would not have if I borrowed the book.

    My all-time favorites will still be bought in print, but I love, love, love my Nook!!!

  6. I do not have one yet, and am very jealous of the cutesy pink cover beauty you have. I am resigned to reading my e-downloads on my starchy old-fashioned home pc. Uck! I hope that I’ll get one for Christmas, I can’t think of a better gift for myself. Enjoy! And have a great trip.

  7. Lynn, I love, love, love my Kindle. Did I mention I love it? I’ve already finished…five books on it? Something ridiculous like that. I didn’t get a cover yet, but that’s my next purchase. And to be honest, the reason I got one was because I’m running out of room for books. I’m a book keeper (not to be confused with a bookkeeper). If I like a book, I won’t get rid of it, which means I now have too many books for my shelves. The Kindle will save me space and time (because I really hate waiting for books to be shipped to me).

    I’m so glad you love your Nook! And I’m green with envy that you’re going to England! Have fun though 🙂

  8. Love the pink. It looks like a journal. Like you, I love the feel, smell, signing my name and date I finished the book, everything about a new book. I guess for traveling the Nook is the way to go. Have a safe trip and HAVE FUN!

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