It’s a WRAP

Well, I survived. 

Thanks, Rachel, for hanging out at the blog yesterday. She’s wicked awesome at running. . . well, and biking and swimming, too. My two hour and two minute finish is laughable compared to her half-marathon time, but I’m okay with that. 

I’m just glad I finished. 

AND, I had a super time with my BFF, Michele. 

Here are a few pictures. Enjoy, because I’m hobbling around all stiff and sore today. But it was worth it!


Having fun at the EXPO

Charlie and Lynn ran with me

He was sad he couldn't come. He's my running buddy

Me and Michele at the start

Me about half way....

Me and Michele and our finisher medals

DQ was our prize

 Have a super Monday. Do most of you have the day off because of MLK Day?

11 thoughts on “It’s a WRAP

  1. Congrats on your marathon run. That’s something I’ve never been in condition to do, even when I was in my teens and twenty’s.

    FYI – I’ve added Awaited to my new titles release list and will be updating it to FB and my blog in the next week.

    • Yep! Next year, Kate. You can do it!!!! 🙂 Kidding. I OFTEN don’t run a half marathon to get a DQ. LOVE their blizzards!!!

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