It’s never quiet here…

I’ve got some super fun news to share. 

It’s official–> Crescent Moon Press has contracted AWAITED, the sequel to Wasteland!

Everything was signed and dotted on the line yesterday, and I could barely wait to tell you all.

It’s going to be a CRAZY-busy year with the Violet Night Trilogy  coming out and then Awaited.

But I’m not complaining in the least!

So stay tuned to the blog, Facebook, Twitter and my newsletter for details on release dates, release parties, contest and all kinds of fun things.


Okay, so, we’ve been missing out on Cinema Sound Off lately….any suggestions to which movie we should head to to see this month? I’m ready to hit the movies with my good friend KM again!

And dust off your movie-quote trivia brain…it’s coming back Wednesday!


33 thoughts on “It’s never quiet here…

  1. Congratulations! Bet you are really excited.
    Movies? Depends on what you like. I recommend Tucker & Dale vs. Evil. Funny but solid movie – some gore though. Better yet, Fast Five just came out on DVD today – now that was the best movie of the year for me, right ahead of Super 8.
    Yeah, I see a lot of movies…

    • Hi, Kendall. Yep, it happened FAST! I’m still spinning from the release of Wasteland and the partying that involved….now I’m planning Violet Midnight and Awaited. Woot!!!!! We’ll have to start planning another coffee house gathering of our characters! 🙂

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