Jaded Rage….

Or should it be Jaded Emeralds? Maybe Jaded Heart? How about Jaded Edge?

Oh gosh…picking titles. It’s just so difficult.

So, during all the fun with the Wasteland release and working on editing book 2 (Awaited) I’ve been working on polishing a newer manuscript.

And I need help deciding on the title.

I have an idea which one I like, but I want to see what you think….

Here’s a “blurb” of the book. I know, it’s not much to go on to decide a title…but give it your best shot.

Four years ago a lightning strike to the chest left Jade Rolf…altered. Prone to uncontrolled rage, unimaginable strength and prophetic dreams, she searches for answers to what she’s become.

Drudging through her past proves startling when she discovers a childhood blood-brother ritual has thrust her one true love into a shocking world of angels and demons.

Now he straddles both worlds, and the only way Jade can save him is to embrace her true nature, only she’s not sure which side she’s on.

Now, one thing I will tell you to consider while looking at these titles….Jade’s eyes turned from brown to black from the lightning strike, but they flare green during intense situations.

Okay, so, here are some titles vote on.

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Or do you have a suggestion? Leave it in the comments and I’ll check it out


Have a GREAT Sunday!

19 thoughts on “Jaded Rage….

  1. Wow, that was difficult! So much so, I just chose Jaded. I thought that left it open to so much. But maybe I should’ve read all the comments first, cause now I’m second guessing! 🙂 Any from the list would spark my interest! And everyone came up with some good ones on here as well! 🙂 Fun!

  2. Jade Divided
    Scorched Jade
    Jaded Divide
    Jaded Future

    Just off the top of my head. But if I have to choose one from your list it would be Jaded Edge cause it seems like she’s on the edge of making a choice.

  3. I’m down with “Jaded Edge”… It makes me wonder what’s going on. Curiosity has made me impulse buy a whole lot of books. That’s how I discovered Penelope Trunk. “Brazen Careerist” made me pick up the book having absolutely no idea what it was about but very curious to find out (silly grin).

  4. Give me a minute. I’m thinkin’, I’m thinkin’.

    The first ones off the top of my head.

    Song of Lightning.
    Lightning’s Song
    Jade’s Song – naw, sounds too, too…Brian’s Song
    Jaded Lightning
    Skies of Lightning
    Pieces of Jade

    Black Eye Fire – naw, sounds to black and blueish
    Dark Eye Fire
    Dark Eye of the Storm
    Storm Song – Hey, that’s not bad. I might have to write that book. 😉
    Jaded Storms

    Okay, okay, I’ll drop it. Jaded Rage has that inner rhyme that’s good. But Jaded is a hard term to use because it’s so lacrymose. Which is an ever harder term to use. Jaded is inactive, in a way, world weary. But Jaded Rage sounds good. I don’t know. I used up all my good titles in the first twenty years of my life. I should have saved some up. Good luck, Lynn!

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