January 5th is coming soon…

It’s hard to believe January is coming so quickly.  It’s super exciting and a little scary. Pouring your heart into a story and letting the world see it is like baring part of your soul. I so enjoyed writing this story, and I love Brodie and Willow so much.

Being an athlete all through high school and college, it was super fun to write a sports story. The level of competition, fear and pain…I can so relate to that.

Stay tuned for release day fun. I’ve set up an event on Facebook you can follow. I’ll have some fun things going on over there as we near release day, too, so be sure to turn on the notifications for that event. I’ll be flying out to visit my co-author, Kelly Anne Blount, so we’ll be hanging out together all week. It’ll be a blast.

You can pre-order IN THE PENALTY BOX now. So get your copy reserved today at that great price!

Thanks for all your support, my friends.

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