Well,  I must admit, I have to join the millions blogging about Josh Hamilton.  I mean, what an AMAZING story!  I linked his name to an ESPN story for you to check out.  I get goose bumps when I hear his story.  

I have my Master’s Degree in Mental Health Therapy, with a focus on Substance Abuse, yep, quite a mouthful, and often a conversation stopper at parties.  ***LOL***   Anyway, I haven’t been practicing in several years, but I still hold that whole phenomenon close to my heart, and prayers.  

I saw a lot in the years that I practiced.  Destructive behaviors, broken families, and despair.  So, when I hear a story like Josh Hamilton’s, my heart leaps.  I’m just in awe of the saving grace of Jesus.  With God’s help, Josh conquered a huge obstacle.  

It reminds me that there is NOTHING we can’t do through Christ.  I hope you all are inspired today after reading his story.   Have a great Friday!

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