Make Me Laugh Contest

Mandy here again. I get to tell you about the contest!

Now, if you’ve been following Lynn Rush on the blog, facebook, or twitter, you know she loves to laugh. Heck, Friday Funnies has been going on for a while now. She’s always looking for fun new ways to laugh.

Even in the stories she reads.

So, it’s time to get the laugh on.

Write Lynn a short story that’ll make her laugh so hard, tears will be streaming down her face.


I hope Lynn lets me read the entries too, this sounds fun!

She wants YOUR story. Here are the deets:

1.  1,000 words or less.

2.  Comedy—doesn’t matter which genre. Make me laugh!!!

3.  Paste your story into the body of an email and send to: **NO attachments please, they’ll get deleted automatically**

4. Subject line of the email should read: Catch the Rush Comedy Contest.

5.  Did I remember to say 1,000 words or less? Yep, that’s #1 on the list. But remember, 1000 words or less. Cuz that’s a lot of reading otherwise. . . .

6.  Contest runs from RIGHT NOW to July 25th , 2010 – let’s say MIDNIGHT on the 25th (Pacific time). Winner announced on July 31st.

7.  I better set a limit to the entries, just in case we get an outpouring, you know? So, I’ll cap it at 50 entries.

What’s the prize for your efforts?


Yep, $25.00 card to Barnes and Noble. You’re not surprised it’s to Barnes and Noble, are you? I mean, Lynn is a writer AND a reader. . .



The rules/guidelines/general boring information I have to share when I do a contest. I’m not associated with Barnes and Noble in any way. They didn’t give me the card to give away. I just really like them and since I’m a writer/reader, I figured I’d give that away as a prize. Winners must reside in the continental US. When the winner is announced, he/she must contact me. If he/she doesn’t contact me within 30 days, the prize is forfeited. One entry per person. Don’t post your entry on the blog, email it to: Put your story in the body of the email. No attachments. Subject line should read: Catch the Rush Comedy Contest. Anything I deem vulgar and just plain disgusting, I’ll delete. I know, that’s really subjective, but hey, my blog, my rules, right? The winner is chosen by me, solely by me, and I know that is subjective, too, but see previous sentence for my thoughts on that J The entry that has me in stitches will win, it’s that simple. Ultimately, this is all in good fun, so play nice, okay? Let’s have some good, clean, literary fun, okay? If you have questions, leave them in the comments, we’ll get them answered asap.


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