Lay your head down #TheRunningWriter

Lay your head down.


Sometimes you just have to lay your head down. I’m not saying lay it down in defeat. No. Lay it down, close your eye, and just be.

Just be quiet.

Just be still.

When I take time to do that, it’s amazing what can happen. I could be struggling with an issue at work and the solution filters through. It’s almost like, when I lay my head down, I make myself get out of the way so I can see a solution.

Nine times out of ten it’s me who is in the way of the solution. My stubbornness. My pride. My insecurities. My control issues.

But if things are constantly spinning around me, constant noise and interruptions, how am I supposed to wade through all that? I’m just constantly treading water, keeping my head above it to breathe.

And that’s tiring.

Is it time to lay your head down and be still?

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