Let the criticism come. #TheRunningWriter

Let the criticism come.


“You’re going to fail.” That’s what I heard from my college advisor one day during a meeting about me wanting to go to grad school.

That’s not what she said, but she did have some tough feedback for me when I told her I wanted to go on to get my PhD in psychology. But all I heard was that I wouldn’t get in. That I’d fail. That I wasn’t smart enough.

It’s hard to hear criticism. It hurts. But it also motivates.

A little backstory: I graduated high school with a fairly low GPA. At one point it was only 2.1.

I got into college on probation, and I think I mainly got in because the tennis coach pulled some strings.

I think it was at the end of my second year there that my advisor said I didn’t have what it took to get into grad school.

Instead of letting that knock me down, it motivated me. I worked hard, and I ended up graduating with honors.

And then I applied to grad school. Took me three tries, but I got into grad school and I graduated with honors. I didn’t go on to my PhD, but that’s ok. I probably could have if I’d wanted to, but my goals changed.

I’m here to tell you that you shouldn’t be scared of criticism. It’s meant to help you. Make you stronger. Had that advisor never told me I probably wasn’t grad school material, I might have just slouched through undergrad like I did high school.

Criticism isn’t bad. It can sting but it can motivate you! If you let it.

So let the criticism come.

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