Let your soul shine. #TheRunningWriter

Let your soul shine.


Another lie we struggle with is that we have to be skinny to ________.

You fill in the blank, because it seems like the need to be skinny is motivated by tons of different reasons.

To fit in. To be liked. To be popular. To be a better athlete. To feel good about myself. To find a boyfriend/husband. To be glamorous. To be loved.

See what I mean? Lots of pressure there, huh? But most of those statements listed up there are lies. Lies that we need to bust through.

Yes, there are legit health reasons we need to lose weight for such as joint issues, diabetes, etc. But the main point in those is to get healthy and relieve legit pain.

Outside of health reasons, what’s a core lie going on with our need to be skinny? It can vary but one guess might be: I’m not good enough for someone.

If someone is judging your goodness or worth by how you look…I might second guess that alliance anyway.

So you don’t fit in. So you’re weird. So you can’t fit into those mid-drift showing shirts and Daisy Duke short shorts—that’s ok. No matter how much you do to prevent aging and such-our looks will eventually fade. We’ll get wrinkles and gray hair.

What’s inside you, your spirit and soul—that’s what isn’t going to fade. That’s what makes you, you. Not how skinny you are. Not how ripped your abs are. Not what brand of clothes you’re wearing.

So pull those shoulders back and walk tall. Let your soul shine through and that’ll attract true friends.

Stay strong, my friends.

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