Let’s hear from you…

I’m gearing up for my Awaited Blog Tour that begins in May. I’ll be showing up all over the web on different sites. With that comes guest posts. 

I’m curious about something….What do YOU GUYS want to hear from an author who’s visiting a book blog? 

I’m taking suggestions. Smile 

3 thoughts on “Let’s hear from you…

  1. I always like hearing how authors come up with ideas for stories. I don’t like interviews that are too long as I start skimming through.

  2. Book bloggers usually do a review of the book and/or a short interview.
    For other blog stops, mix it up. Appeal to the followers of that particular blog. Offer writing tips on one and then a funny story on another. The comment I received the most on my tour was that every stop was unique which made it fun, so I think that is key.

  3. That sounds exciting! I think other writers in the trenches want to know agent/publishing info, tips on querying or writing proposals, etc. I do try to gear my blog that way, although I’m not published yet. Also, tips about your writing process are always helpful!

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