Yesterday morning I rose from bed, it was dark. Yet another morning of rising before dawn to go for a road bike.  I propped my precious light on my handle bars and yawned….Yep, it was going to be a doozy, I could tell.  As I began to pedal my bike, which I lovingly call “The Tank,” into the darkness, my path was lit only by a small stream of light from my handle bars. 

Off in the distance, the sky was beginning to lighten, but not enough for me to see much outside the light shining down to the pavement before me.  I got to thinking of a couple things. 

Do you remember that driving Atari game?  The one that had daytime and nighttime options?  The nighttime driving had a little triangle of light and you had to avoid hitting things?  You could only see a short distance in front and had to react to different things thrown in your path. Curves, rocks, etc.  


The second thing I thought of was Psalm 119:104  “Your word is a lamp to my feet a a light for my path.” I realized, it’s so true. Sometimes I’m walking through life, whether it’s my writing journey, faith, or just life in general, and I’m just not sure what’s going on. What’s next? What obstacle will I face? This verse reminded me that God and His word light my way. I may not be able to see past what is lit at the moment, but HE can. So, I trust in that. 

It’s so weird that from an early morning bike ride I could think of a video game and a verse?  How strange is that?  Anything like that happen to you before?  It just seemed to come out of nowhere.  Hmmmm.

2 thoughts on “LIGHT MY PATH

  1. My first thought in reading this is: Oh, I suck. She soooo rocks to get up before dawn to ride her bike.

    My second thought is this: A “lamp unto our feet” gives us just enough light to see what is right ahead of us — not a mile ahead, or 800 feet ahead, or even 3 yards ahead. Just a lamp unto our feet. Enough to see what we need to see RIGHT ahead of us….. Soooo … we don’t know what big things lie ahead, but we can trust the Light to illuminate it all when we get close enough where we need to know.

    Thanks for the blessing of your writing, Lynn.

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