Light #TheRunningWriter

It’s strange when you can’t see beyond the ring of light your headlamp offers. When you can’t see what’s coming next on the trail.

You might have an idea of what’s coming. Like while I’m trail running in the dark, I know rock, hills and sometimes scorpions might be coming up. I don’t know exactly, but I’m preparing myself for whatever I might face.

Sometimes in life you don’t see beyond what you’re experiencing now. You’re not sure what is coming next or down the road because you can’t see that far. You can see only what you’re in the middle of at this moment.

You might feel like you’re stuck in the right now, and you see no way out. That can be scary and overwhelming. And it can paralyze you—if you let it.

When I can’t see beyond my circle of light, I shorten my steps a little and slow down. I really open my eyes and look where to place my foot next so I land on the most sturdy spot.

Sometimes there’s a little rock I didn’t quite see, but since I slowed down and was paying attention, it’s fine. I was steady enough to handle the little rock.

The point is: I keep going. Small steps. I tackle each one at a time and pretty soon I’ve been out there long enough to see the sun rise into the sky.

And what an amazing sight that is. A fantastic reward for my efforts.

Stay strong my friends.

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