Loneliness #TheRunningWriter

It’s super easy to feel alone in this world isn’t it? Despite how social media has made the world smaller, it’s also made the world even more lonely.

Don’t get gone wrong. I love social media. It’s awesome. But yeah, it can make a person feel a little lonely.

If we let it.

For example. A friend posts pictures of them having coffee with someone. It can make you feel left out because you weren’t asked to join them.

It can lead to some dangerous questions/conclusions: Maybe they’re mad at me. Maybe they don’t like me. Maybe I’m not pretty enough. Maybe I’m not good enough. Maybe they’re not really my friends.

Before social media, we wouldn’t have even known our friend hung out with someone else. But now we do. And we can dwell in it, thinking the worst, when actually it’s more than likely not a big deal.

We have multiple friends, different kinds of friends. And we hang out with them at different times and with or without groups of people.

It doesn’t have to mean anything bad or that anything is wrong. We might not know the circumstances of them meeting up, either. Maybe that person had an issue they needed our friend to meet up with and talk about.

It’s easy to focus on the negative, but we must fight through it. Because living in the negative can get tiring. And we already have enough in our lives that tire is out, right?

Stay strong, my friends.

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