Lost Pictures

You might have heard, if you’ve been following my Facebook or blog for any time at all, I went on a trip to England and France early in the month.

We had a great time, all except for two things.

1. I got a cold (grrr!)

2. My camera broke midway through the trip. (grrr, yet again!)

I dropped my camera right outside this store...broken!

Luckily, my sister had a camera that was compatible with my stuff, so I got to use hers the rest of the trip.

Funny thing is, when I got back to America and checked into getting my camera fixed…it was cheaper to buy a new one.

So, this past weekend I went out and got a new camera.

You know what was fun about that? Well–besides getting a new camera?

It was the “lost pictures” of the trip I found.

I inserted the memory card of my broken camera into the new one and viola, pictures I’d taken before it broke!

They brought a smile to my face. Especially this one:

Paris Rose.

Me and my sweet hubby were at the Eiffel Tower and a guy handing out roses approached.Β My sweet hubby bought me a rose! I’m not much of a flower person, you can even ask him, but I tell ya, this one meant a ton to me.

We’re in Paris. We’re eating ice cream, looking up at the Eiffel Tower, and he gets me a rose. Probably the most expensive single rose we’ve ever bought, but the memory will be forever engrained in my mind.

So romantic.

I had to take a picture, which now that I see it, looks horribly un-romantic with the phone and paper and pen around it.

Not to mention the Coca-Light bottle it’s in.

But still.


These next pictures were fun too:

Had to take a picture of GUCCI....

We spent a day strolling the Champs Elysees, people watching and sitting on sidewalk cafes.

Beautiful picture of the Arc de Triumph


Sure was fun to see these pictures after the fact like this.

But, Oh, I did have to take a picture on the new camera.

Check it out:

My dog, Maddux, was the first picture on my new camera. He makes a great model, huh?


So now I’m ready to go on another adventure with my new camera. I never know when a chance to make a memory might creep up on me, and I always like to have my camera handy so I can document it.

15 thoughts on “Lost Pictures

  1. That’s awesome! I’m so glad you got your pictures back. πŸ™‚

    We recently had to throw away one of our SD cards b/c it was broken. I don’t know what pictures were on it, but they are gone now. πŸ™

    • Oh now. You had to throw it out. Bummer! Technology is great, until it breaks down. But then again, I DROPPED my camera…so I guess I’m to blame this time, huh?

      • Yeah, I was pretty sad. Yes, it is wonderful, but it can be very frustrating sometimes! I guess so. πŸ™ But, don’t feel bad. My sister has killed more cameras than I can count, so don’t feel bad about just one!

  2. I love the picture of the rose – maybe even MORE romantic in its setting – that pic alone is a good story-starter. πŸ™‚
    What a treat to get back what you thought you lost. What a blessing! So happy for you!

  3. Thanks for sharing, Lynn! I’m so jealous–I want a European vacation, too! But we’re waiting for when the kids are older. Dying to go to Germany (with our name being Heckenbach, it’s a no-brainer) and I personally would love to visit Ireland.

    Glad you had such a great time!

    • Yeah, Heckenbach…kinda figured German. . . I hope you get there some day. My maiden name is MATHIEU, that’s French, so it was cool to see that around.

    • It’s so close to the one I broke, just a little different since it’s been a couple years, so there isn’t much to figure out (thankfully–I don’t like learning the technology part LOL) Takes great pictures, though!

  4. Great pictures, especially the rose. I’m happy you were able to recover all of the pictures. There is nothing like sitting down and going through old pictures to bring back wonderful memories. Happy Wednesday!

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