Love abundantly #TheRunningWriter

Love abundantly.


We all need to feel loved. So we, too, should love.

Doesn’t mean you accept, condone, or believe in everything a person does, but you can still love the person.

Doesn’t mean you should stay in a violent situation.

Doesn’t mean you should be a doormat.

Sometimes you have to set and enforce boundaries that hurt your heart, but you can still love someone through the ugly.

Through the bad choices.

Through the pain.

It might be that very love that saves them. That unconditional, unfaltering love.

Has someone loved you through your bad choices? I know I have had plenty of people love me through mine. Rock solid people loving me through my anger.

I sometime looks back and wonder how they held on through my attitudes. And I thank God they did.

Stay strong, my friends, and love abundantly.

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