#LOVE is in the air…

LOVEAnd so is a chance to win a $250 eGift card

Hi there. Dakota Summers here. Lynn writes about me in her story Charged.

Or maybe I should call it my story, huh?

I’d heard of some of Lynn’s other characters hosting her blog, so I was excited to “get the call” to host on the first day of this HUGE blog hop!

And who better to talk about LOVE than me? I’ve got two guys tugging at my heart strings.

Mind readers, too. Yeah, that makes it a little…interesting.

Our topic is, “What’s Love Got to Do with It?”

I’m just a college kick who happens to have a knack for controlling electricity, so what do I know, right?

All I can say is that I think love’s an action. Sure, might start out as a super-intense feeling, but once you look past that, you choose to love. Choose to put that person’s needs before yours. Choose to give up a part of yourself to that person.

Maybe some day you’ll read about my journey with this whole love-thing…and in the end, even though it ranks pretty high on the cheese-factor, I have to side with the theory: Love can conquer anything!

If Lynn were here right now, I know she’d agree. She is a romance author after all. **waves to Lynn**

Okay, onto the giveaway:

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Click HERE to see the rest of the blog hop participants. You never know what kind of posts–and prizes–they may be cooking up on their day to post!

2/13 Lynn Rush

2/14 Aaron Ritchey

2/14 Avery Olive

2/14 Sasha Summers

2/15 Cindy Turner

2/15 Constance Phillips

2/16 Toni Depalma

2/16 Joanne Brothwell

2/16  Jordan K. Rose

2/16 Wendy Russo

2/17 Lara Nance

2/17 Lindsey Loucks

2/18 Louann Carroll

2/18 Patricia C Lee

2/19 Raven Bower

2/19 Renee Rearden


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