Love the ugly #TheRunningWriter

Love the ugly.


Don’t let culture decide what love means. Because if we do, then we’d only love those who love us. Who are nice to us.

And I think we’re meant to do more.

Loving those who love us is easy. Let’s love the ugly. Let’s love those who are difficult. I think the world could be a happier place if we did a little more of this. So let’s start with what we control: us.

I think we’d be happier, too, because there’s freedom in loving the unloveable. Not so much stress and frustration.

So when a rude person budges in line at the store or steals your parking space, love them. When one of your customers so rudely scolds you for something you didn’t do, love them. When a driver is clogging up traffic by driving slowly in the left lane, love them.

Love the ugly and you’ll find beauty.

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