Loyal friends

I was out jogging one morning. I know, you’re shocked to read this. But I’m going to shock you even more and post a picture that ISN’T a sunrise that I saw while out running.

I know, I’m getting a little wild and crazy with the shock factors.

Check this picture out:

Now, you might be wondering what the heck I’m thinking with this picture. But I’ll tell ya, sometimes, like ideas for books, thoughts just slam right into my brain when I see something interesting.

And this particular morning, this really struck me. Me and my dog out running. His little shadow next to mine. He runs with me all the time (unless it’s too hot in the desert here). He’s always excited to go. Anxious to keep running when I’m heading to the garage to call it quits. When I’m tired, he kind of tugs me along. He’s even known to bite at the leash and pull, urging me forward.

He’s just my loyal running buddy and it hit home when I saw this shadow from the rising sun behind us.

So here’s to you sweet Maddux. Thanks for all the runs you’ve taken with me and will take with me in the future!

16 thoughts on “Loyal friends

  1. That is so sweet. Dogs are just as much a part of any home and family as mothers, fathers, children, and siblings are. It’s great that you have him with you!!

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