Maddux is my sweet, five-year-old Shetland Sheepdog (Sheltie).  He runs with me three days a week. I’m usually jamming to my Addie Camp song, Your Way, or Sufficient….Well, I thought he was feeling left out.

So….I decided to buy him an iPod of his own.  


Well, I can’t leave Big Brother out, now can I?  

This is Herky.  He’s 11.  He was keeping my desk chair warm.  This is where I work all day, every day at my “day job.”  


Have a great Saturday everyone!

8 thoughts on “MADDUX

  1. Jennifer–Actually, Maddux is partial to Addi Camp as well! LOL

    Gwen–Thanks for stopping by. I feel the same way, about cats. I’m allergic..but they look to be so much fun. Oh, and BTW, Diva-ish-ness is a fantastic word.

  2. I have to own up to it: having been allergic to dogs (badly allergic) since childhood, therefore never having been able to have one or even be around them, I’m not typically moved by pictures of them. BUT, Sheri, your pets…awwww. I seriously want to pet them. They look so even-tempered and sweet, like they just hang out with you and aren’t demanding in their diva-ish-ness like some dogs. (“diva-ish-ness”???? And I claim to be writer?)

    Thanks for sharing. That picture of your dog with earphones…I can’t help it. I thought of my students. If I put that on a bulletin board with the directions to “listen to your music, your way”, or some similar teacher-ish thing, they would “Awwwww” from now until April. 🙂

  3. HI JC. Yep, two monitors. It let’s me open a couple internet windows and look at a few things at a time. I’m kind of a multi-tasker. And with my job, I need to screens. One on the left to input figures (I create HUD settlement statements as an escrow officer) and the other side let’s me review the documents I need to input the figures. It’s pretty sweet! It’s a setting on your monitors that allows dual screens. 🙂

  4. What cute pictures of your Sheltie’s. My husband and I have one Sheltie and one Aussie (Australian Shepherd). They both shed profusely, and like you, we vacuum A LOT. I also recently bought that “guaranteed to help your dog shed less” shampoo, and I also wish I hadn’t. I’ve been pulling clumps of hair out of my dogs ever since.

    Have a great weekend!

  5. Oh, I don’t keep them from shedding. I just vacuum a lot!

    I tried one of those shampoos that prevents shedding and regretted it. It just made the dogs’ fur all matted and clumpy.

    What kind of dog did you get? I hope you own a good vacuum and enjoy vacuuming. LOL.

  6. OK, I have to ask…how do you keep your long-haired dogs from shedding all over the place?

    We’ve only had Bruizer for two years, and each spring and fall we’re inundated with gobs and gobs of the hair he sheds. He’s our first dog…so

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