Made for this #TheRunningWriter

The other day I was out on a long run alone. Around mile 12 or so, I was ready to be done.

I hadn’t seen barely anyone on the trail all morning, I was tired, and I was getting a little hungry.

Sure. I was having fun, I always do on the trails, but nearly 3 hours of climbing peaks, running…

So, I blasted a song I love. Made For This, by Carrollton. It energized me like crazy. I picked my feet up a little more, quickened my pace, and most importantly–I smiled.

I couldn’t hold back the grin of happiness as the song reminded me, I GET to do this.

I get to run in beauty right outside my doorstep, I get to exercise, I get to write books, I get to work for any amazing company…

I finished the run strong then got to spend the day working on a new novel I’m writing. The time on the trails allowed me to work through some plot issues and pound out quite a few words that day.

Is there a song or something that kicks you in the butt when you need it? That helps motivate you? Get you re-centered?

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