Make your courage strong #TheRunningWriter

What is courage, anyway?

The dictionary defines it as

the quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to face difficulty, danger, pain, etc., without fear.

I mostly agree with that definition. I think we can still have some fear,though. We just don’t let that fear stop the courage.

I also think we have to build up courage. Work it. Just like building up and working a muscle. We aren’t instantly courageous. It takes time to make your courage strong.

And yes. There will be some less than courageous spots along the road. Some times when we just can’t do something. Or we might fail.

That’s ok. It’s making our courage strong.

Like when I had to bail on my 50k race after 22 miles. That experience made me stronger. Made my courage stronger. I faced off with another 50k several months later and made it. Fought though the obstacles in that race and finished!

That failed 50k made my courage strong enough to face off with the arctic conditions of the 2018 Boston Marathon, too.

What you’re facing is doing the same thing. Hang on tight, you’re getting stronger.

This post was inspired by the song Hard Love by NEEDTOBREATHE (featuring Lauren Daigle)

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