Marina’s Movie Madness

My best friend’s daughter, Marina, loves movies.

I always saw her posts on Facebook about the movies she’d seen, so I thought it might be a good idea to bring her movie-reviewing talents to the Light of Truth blog.

So, welcome to Marina’s Movie Madness. She’ll be here every other Wednesday talking about what she’s watching.


Marina’s Movie Madness

Marina came to America from Pskov, Russia when she was 13 1/2 years old. She’s in her second year of school at Paradise Valley Community College with hopes of becoming a Pediatrician Practitioner. Besides her obsession with movies, she enjoys spending her time with her best friends and family.



It is an Oscar nominated movie but that was not the reason why I decided to see it. I thought it would be a romance movie with a happy ending. It definitely was not what I was expecting it would be.

I thought it was a very very depressing movie. Sending a lot of mixed messages. Like I could not understand if the movie was showing that a person can lead a happy life without a significant other or life is much more happier with one.

This movie did show the hardships of everyday life people and how it is difficult to live in this world without a good income. It shows that money is everything as well as it is not everything.

I guess each to its own.

I must say that I did love the performance of Anna Kendrick (who played a role in Twilight), she was quiet funny. I thought she brought comedy and some excitement to the movie.


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