Mark of the Heir

Well, the readers of Light of Truth have SPOKEN!

Thanks to all who participated in the poll to help me find a title for one of my projects.

The choices were: Sealed, Mark of the Heir, Tarnished, Lineage, Heritage, Legacy.

Mark of the Heir and Legacy were neck and neck pretty much the entire time!


I’m totally digging that title. I mean, the likelihood of a publisher ever keeping a title I’ve chosen is pretty slim, but still, it’s fun to have a working title until that time.

So, here is the Back Cover Blurb for Mark of the Heir:

Twenty-two-year-old Adrean Reed, a reclusive, telekinetic orphan, settles into a quiet, normal routine in the small town of Pula, AZ, after serving time in jail for a misspent youth. With hopes of finding his birth parents, he studies the only clue he has of them, a ring with a strange symbol etched inside.

Lexi Tate comes to the small town with one objective—to find and kill her mother’s murderer. Her uncle, who has raised her since she was orphaned, has trained her to use her telekinesis to kill those who bear the mark of the evil group responsible for her mother’s death.

Lexi and Adrean meet, and neither expected the blazing chemistry that ignited between them. Their love is tested when they find out about one another’s powers and Adrean learns Lexi’s true motives for her presence in the town.

But when they discover the meaning of the symbol etched inside Adrean’s family heirloom, it thrusts them into the heart of a battle that began centuries before their births. Adrean and Lexi must choose their allegiances carefully, or face certain death.


13 thoughts on “Mark of the Heir

  1. Lori & Kat–sweet. Glad I picked one you like!
    Liza–well, if ithis is ever picked up by a publisher it probably won’t be kept, but maybe I’ll luck out, right? 🙂

  2. Congratulations, Lynn! I honestly don’t remember what I voted for, but I’m glad I participated so you can find a winner. Hope your publisher doesn’t change the title cuz it sounds like a winner.

  3. Great title! I hope you get to keep it when the book sells – and it sounds like it certainly will! I really like the blurb.

    • Thanks, Rebecca.

      I’m having some crit partners polish the first few chapters, then I’ll send it in to my agent. Do you have a release date set for Fated? Can’t wait to see that on the bookshelves!

  4. This sounds great! I love the name “Adrean,” and “Mark of the Heir” is a good suck-a-reader-in title. So are you ever going to submit these for beta readings on c-yaw? I miss reading your stuff.

  5. Kristie–My characters full name is Alexis as well. I was torn between Mark of the Heir and Legacy. I really liked Legacy as well.
    KM–You called it, huh? You have loved Mark of the Heir from the get-go! 🙂

  6. I love the title and the blurb! Sounds like a good read. My MC is Lexi, too…sort of. She’s Alexis and only lets one person call her Lexi. 🙂 Best wishes! Can’t wait to read MARK OF THE HEIR (yes, that was my vote LOL).

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