So, what are the secrets to a long and fulfilling marriage?

Oh boy, if I had the answer, I think I’d be a millionaire, right?  But I did do some asking around.  I asked friends and family, those who have been married a few years all the way up to 41 years.  Here is what a few had to say.

“Let go of the little things.”  “Hire a housekeeper!  No more fighting over who cleans the shower.”  “Never mention the word divorce, even in a joke.”  “Go to workshops/conferences on marriage.”  “Don’t complain about your spouse in front of the kids.”  “Brag a little about your spouse.”  “Date night is a must, especially with kids.”  “State of the marriage talks every few months, talk about what’s going well, what needs improvement.”  “Prayer, focus on God.” “Have other married couples praying for you as a married couple as well!”  “No nagging.  From the husband OR the wife!”  “Read Song of Solomon for a real love story.”  “If you’re ticked off, chill out, then talk, after the heat has subsided.”  “Don’t let finances rule your marriage.”  “Remember each day that you are blessed to have found someone that loves you for being you.”  “Your spouse should be your best friend, but not your only friend.”  “Laughter is the key to happiness.  Be spontaneous.”

Now, that’s quite a list, huh?   Some are funny and some are serious.  Really, marriage is awesome, but it isn’t always roses either.  It takes hard work on both parties to come together and make it work.

What are YOUR secrets?  What do you think of this whole marriage thing?

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