Our wedding day.

Well, of course on my road to our anniversary, I have to talk about our wedding day at least once, right?

It was a sunny day in Iowa, August 10, 1996.  Our closest friends and family had made the trek from Minnesota, Colorado, and beyond.  It was sunny, warm, and just PERFECT!  We had decided not to see each other before the ceremony, so me and my brides maids tucked ourselves away and got ready for the big moment.  We took what pictures we could before hand so after the ceremony we’d only have the combined ones to take.  

I had decided to wear my mother’s dress and I had my soon to be mother-in-law’s jewelry on, so that was awesome.  A piece of both our mothers.  I’m a bit sentimental, can you tell?

I’m glad we didn’t see each other before hand, because when I walked down the aisle with my parents beside me and I first saw him, I ’bout fell over.  I’m glad my parents were beside me, holding me up, that’s for sure.  It was amazing.  I’d highly recommend anyone doing that – it’s just magical.  So, the ceremony went with only one hitch.  The unity candle didn’t light, but we muddled through it by using a lighter.  It was all good.

Other than that, the ceremony was amazing.  We had written our own vows and my mother-in-law, who is a great writer, wrote a wonderful poem about how God had chosen Charlie and I to be together before we had even considered it.  It was all part of His plan.  I truly believe that, too. 

We danced the night away, then Charlie whisked me off on our honeymoon cruise to the caribbean.  It was amazing.  What’s still fascinating — and don’t laugh — is that when I dig out the wedding pictures and DVD to look at year after year…I realize, I love him just as much, if not more, than I did on that day we cemented our vows before our Lord and became one.

What’s your wedding day story?  I’d love to hear it!!

1 thought on “MARRIAGE ROCKS, part 4

  1. The day my husband and I married started out very, very warm and muggy. It was the first day of July in Nebraska, so that was too be expected.

    By the time my bridesmaids and the groomsmen arrived, dark clouds began filling the sky and I began to worry.

    “Don’t get upset, now, Kathryn,” my mother said. “Rain on your wedding day means you’ll be rich.”

    I’m still waiting for a fortune because the minute after my flower girls arrived, the atmosphere exploded in a deluge. Our guests practically had to row themselves into the church.

    It stopped raining long enough after the ceremony for us to get to the reception across town, but as soon as we were all inside, the tornado sirens began blaring. We lost power twice during the dance.

    Before my husband and I left for the evening, someone expressed their regrets for the awful weather we experienced on a day that most brides dream of gorgeous sunshine.

    I told that person not to get too down about it and repeated what my mother told me about the wealth newlyweds are supposed to find when it rains on their wedding day.

    I don’t know too much about worldy riches, but my hubby and I are pretty wealthy where it counts — in the heart.

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