HI. Mandy here.

Boy, Rachel’s post from yesterday got me thinking, you know? The whole dating thing. What attracts people to each other.

In my case, I usually repel guys. That tends to happen when you can potentially freeze their lips off if you kiss them.

Yep. I’m lucky to have a wicked-crazy power. Freezing things I touch. Oh, and not to mention, I can lift a car over my head.

You’d think that would leave me pretty muscular, right?

So NOT the case. I’m impressively wimpy looking, actually. So that doesn’t help with the trying to find a boyfriend thing.

Needless to say, I usually keep to myself. It doesn’t help much that I have these freaks from The Center trying to find me so they can dissect me to figure out why I can do what I can do.

Enough about that.

I thought it’d be fun to talk MOVIES today.

It’s called the “meet-cute” when the situation/circumstances that the couple is thrown together that will span the movie.

Like, in Twilight. The first time Bella sees Edward. It’s in the lunch room. But their meeting was at the class, right? He totally freaks on her, doesn’t say a word, but still, they meet.

I like when they finally talk much better. His eyes are shimmering, and he’s asking her about the weather.

Oh, and not to mention when he stops the car from slamming into her.

But enough from me.

What’s YOUR favorite meet-cute between some movie characters??

OH, and I have to ask, did you go see ECLIPSE?  Did it rock? Haven’t seen it yet. I know, I’m lame.

7 thoughts on “Meet-Cute

  1. Lynn – Yeah, I heard college is THE place to meet hot guys. ‘Course, my new high school doesn’t exactly disappoint. Oh, and congrats on 14 years! That seems like a lifetime to me.
    KM – I wonder what a waffle “tornado” would look like?? Maybe something to try during a food fight in the lunch room at school? Ha… just kidding. Sort of.
    Kat – Haven’t caught Sound of Music, but Van Helsing is wicked cool!
    Lori – A list? I’m not near that organized. But hey, it’s cool.

  2. I’ve got a list – too many to chose a fave! I do like in The Holiday when Eli Wallach’s character, a classic Hollywood old-timer, describes to Kate Winslet’s character what a meet-cute is. I like Edward and Bella’s as well, of course. 🙂

  3. Lynn – They have internet in “Battle” England? Sweet. 🙂 Yea, and I heard college was the place to meet hot guys! ‘Course, my new high school doesn’t score too badly… Oh, and congrats on 14 years. Sounds like a lifetime to me!
    KM – I wonder what a waffle “tornado” would look like? Sounds like something to shoot for in a food fight… maybe in the school lunch room? Ha! Just kidding… mostly.

  4. a yeah the ‘waffle volcano’ LOL, not tornado. They are in the cafe and she is building a house with her waffle, he helps her. . .she thinks he’s a nut :0)

    • I love 50 First Dates! That’s one of my favorites.

      My absolute favorite “meet-cute” is a tie between The Sound of Music and Van Helsing. (I like a lot of different genres. Can you tell?) 🙂

  5. HI guys! I’m sitting in a little cafe in England. Actually Battle is the name of the town. It’s awesome.

    Just had to say hi…Oh, and one of my favorite Meet Cutes is in Pretty Woman. LOL! When she’s charging him money for directions. LOL. LOVE that.

    But my fav is with my sweet hubby, Charlie:
    My meet cute was with my sweet Charlie during freshman orientation in undergrad. Course, he had a girlfriend and I had a boyfriend, so it wasn’t until a few years later until thing clicked for us.

    14 years of marriage NEXT MONTH, so it’s all good. Woot!!

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