MEMORIES–sports edition

Sports week continues with MEMORIES.


“Memories?” you ask?

Yep. Our pastor told us once to, “Make a memory” because those are the things we can hold near and dear to our hearts more than anything.

Well, my sweet hubby, Charlie, went out and made a memory this past Super Bowl weekend.

He and his brother grew up watching the Steelers. It’s their favorite team. So, when  Charlie realized the Steelers were Super Bowl bound, he thought of an opportunity to create a sweet memory……To surprise his brother by showing up in Denver to watch the game with him.

So Charlie began the fun by talking with Tim’s wife and setting everything in motion. BUT, to add to it, Charlie’s dad called and said HE wanted in as well.

Oh, this memory was getting better by the minute.

Saturday before the big game, Charlie and his dad met up at the Denver airport, hopped into a rental, and showed up at Tim’s front door.


Sweet Hubby and brother.

Charlie and his brother.

Tim and Dad, Charlie's watchin'

Tim and Dad, Charlie's watchin'

Tim, Dad, and Charlie

Tim, Dad, and Charlie


What a memory. Look at those smiles. Now that’s priceless.

What’s the last memory you’ve created?


6 thoughts on “MEMORIES–sports edition

  1. What a great time!

    My sister comes over to spend the night every couple of weeks, and that’s a lot of fun. Just hanging out and bonding.

    One of the great family memories for me recently, though, was at Christmas. We flew up to Portland on Christmas Day to visit my in-laws.

    That evening, we’re sitting around the dinner table, and my oldest (he’s five) said to his grandma, “This is the best day EVER!”

    Grandma chuckled and asked “Why’s that?”

    My son said, “Because I love to fly on an airplane and sleep at your house!”

    Needless to say, Grandma was tickled pink! That was a fun memory to archive in all our hearts.

  2. I’m crying too! What a great gift for all three of those guys! Sometimes I am way too practical and would never think to do anything like that; I’m trying to not take things so seriously and allow myself “good” things in life – to indulge!

  3. Lynn – I have tears streaming! LOL that was absolutely beautiful.

    My sis did that for me one birthday. Invited me to Denver we went to a friends house for dinner. At that house happened to be 30 of my old friends from Metro Church a church I attended when I lived there. It was great!

    What a beautiful post!

  4. Wow. OK. This blog post just kind of hit me really hard. I don’t remember the last memory I made with my kids or husband. That’s pretty sad. Guess I’ve been seriously overwhelmed.

    Self-imposed purgatory, I guess.

  5. The groundhog was sure telling the truth when he predicted six more weeks of winter, because yesterday we got about six inches of snow. Our first big one of the year, and one that I spent building snowmen and being bombarded by tiny snowballs with the kids.

    I’m not much on winter, but I am on that.

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