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I used to be super into competing. Wanted to and worked hard to be fast, and everything I did pretty much each day was about how to better my racing times, etc.

I did okay. I wasn’t an amazing athlete, but I sure tried and worked hard. It was a lot of pressure. Mostly put on by myself.

I enjoyed that part of my life. I got to see a lot of the country, compete with some awesome (and not so awesome) people and learned a lot about myself and how I handle pressure.

Today, I’m more into making memories with my athletic adventures. For instance, later this morning I’m climbing Mount Humphreys with my dad!

I tag my time with him as #DaddyDaughterTime and we’ve had some amazing adventures. I got to run Rim-to-Rim of the Grand Canyon with him! I got to rollerblade marathons with him. We’ve mountain biked together.

Those are all awesome memories I get to have with him. The focus wasn’t on my times, competing and improving, they were about us, our relationship and making memories.

And then there’s trail running with my trail sisters. Adventures with my hubby of 22 years. These are all opportunities to make memories more than improving my times, racing, competing.

And for me, I’m loving it. Competition is great, and I’m still competitive with myself a little, but I’m way more prone to stop on the trails and enjoy the views and the experience more than when I was racing. And I’m glad. The memories I’ve racked up are priceless.

What memories are you making?

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