Mondays are monumental #TheRunningWriter

Mondays are monumental.


Most of the memes you see online about Monday are of cats dragging, sad doggy faces, or something of that nature.

We fight Mondays don’t we? I think we’re almost programmed to, now, huh?

Well. I’m all about perspective. It can make or break my attitude. So when it comes to Mondays, let’s renovate our thoughts to, “I get to do this.”

I get to work to earn fun weekend adventures.

I get to do something productive with my time.

I get to do this!

I heard that last one during a leadership lesson at work, and it rocked my world.

Looking at work (or Mondays) through the eyes of appreciation makes things much easier. I can tolerate the little annoyances more when it’s filtered through graciousness.

I have a job instead of unemployment.

I get to serve others.

I get to mentor others.

I get to …..

It’s an honor and a responsibility to have a job. So let’s tackle this Monday with a smile of appreciation and have a super day!!

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