Movie Quotes


Okay, give it your best shot.

1. Was it programmed to stop before it took my head off?

2. You move, you die.

3. Attitude reflects leadership, captain.

4. I don’t know love. I was built to protect not to love, so there is no use for me other than this.


Leave your guesses in the comments. If you think you can stump us with a quote, leave one in the comments as well. . .

Happy Wednesday, everyone!


9 thoughts on “Movie Quotes

  1. Yay, thanks. I didn’t know the two other people got right. LOL My 16 yr old daughter had a movie she just started on tonight when I walked in the living room and oh, my, I should never have gone in there! I sat down because it looked interesting ‘just for a couple minutes’ and two hours later was bawling my eyes out. She said she will never go to a sad movie with me at the theater because I would embarrass her. Anyone ever watch THE NOTEBOOK? Boohoo, boohoo, haven’t cried that much since Bridges of Madison County, one of my very fav movies.

  2. #1 was Lara Croft from Tomb Raider. Whew, to look like her!! 🙂

    OK, I think #2 the you move, you die is from Bourne Identity -Jason Bourne my teen son has this whole series, think he’s watched it like 20 times LOL

    #3 is Remember the Titans as kat said
    #4 is Fifth Element as Katie guessed.

  3. Ooh, ooh!! I know #4 – Fifth Element! I used to love that movie.

    Now I really want to know what #1 is. Someone guess!

  4. I never know these . . .
    But I sure have fun attempting and waiting for the answers!
    Love Movie quote day!

    Hey, we forgot to add our favs to CSO. . . LOL next time!

  5. Oooo, oooo.

    I know No. 3. It’s one of my FAVORITES — Remember the Titans.

    Hmmm. I was just telling my husband last night how much I miss football season. At least the NFL draft is coming up soon. I’ll get to see where my main man, Ndomukong Suh, is going.


  6. It must be a slow morning b/c all four quotes sound familiar–like on the tip of my tongue–but it’s just not coming to light. I’ll check back later if something occurs to me…prolly when I’m driving 45 mins to a doc appt. hehehe…

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