Movie Songs

Songs totally make a movie as far as I’m concerned. Give me a great song at the right time in a movie, and BAM, I love the movie.


When I hear that song on the radio or just a random shuffle on the iPod, it brings me back to the movie.


I figured we’d do a little trivia today . . .

See if you can name what movies these songs are associated with:

1. Holding Out For a Hero, by Bonnie Tyler

1. Holding Out For a Hero, by Bonnie Tyler

2. If You Were Here, by The Thompson Twins

3. Invincible, by Pat Benetar

4. Take My Breath Away, by Berlin


Leave your guess in the comments and I may just have a prize for the first person to answer ALL four correctly.


10 thoughts on “Movie Songs

  1. Okay, who had to look up their answers? Anyone get them without the assistance of Google? LOL.

    Take My Breath Away — Top Gun
    Holding Out for a Hero — Footloose
    If You Were Here — 16 Candles
    Invincible — Legend of Billy Jean

    Kat: I was thinking of Legend of Billy Jean this past weekend. I sooo need to go out and find that DVD and buy it. LOVE that movie.

  2. Footloose
    Sixteen Candles
    The Legend of Billie Jean
    Top Gun

    I loved Sixteen Candles!
    Have a great day!

  3. Holding out for a Hero was in Shrek 2 and Footloose and Short Circuit I believe. It’s been in a lot!

    If You Were Here – Sixteen Candles (i had to look it up. Hehe!)

    Invincible – The Legened of Billie Jean. (Had to look that one up too…)

    Take My Breath Away – Top Gun. Love that whole soundtrack!

  4. Fun game! I’m not good at these associations. I can identify soundtracks, like scores, of movies, but not so much on songs. Great picks, though! I remember Bonnie Tyler, sweet song. ๐Ÿ™‚ Happy Tuesday!

  5. Most of these I know!

    1. Bonnie Tyler’s song is from Footloose.
    2. I’m not sure here. I’m thinking a Molly Ringwald flick like Pretty in Pink or Sixteen Candles. Am I right?
    3. Invincible is from The Legend of Billie Jean
    4. Take My Breath Away is from Top Gun

    I haven’t thought about the Legend of Billie Jean in ages.

  6. Ralene–Oh yeah. Top Gun, baby! That’s a classic, huh?
    KM–Not quite on #1. Well, not that I know of, anyway. I have a different movie in mind. Think Kevin Bacon….early 80s. ๐Ÿ™‚
    LBDiamond–I know, right? That hair….gotta love it! Thanks for swingin’ by.

  7. Okay…honestly, I only knew one…number four. Berlin’s song is from Top Gun! But…then I went and looked up the other three. Literally slapped my forehead at If You Were Here. I’ll let someone who didn’t cheat guess. lol…

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