Okay, you knew it would happen…..I have to pick a Michael Jackson song for Musical Monday.

It was hard to choose from his vast array of videos, but I had to go with a classic.




**What a great song, huh? What’s your favorite MJ song or video?**

4 thoughts on “MUSCIAL MONDAYS

  1. Lynn, I was right in the middle of my teens when Thriller came out, and like all my friends I knew every word of every song. He was such a huge success then. Sad, so tragic how things turned out.

    Anyway, I liked Billie Jean too, and Man in the Mirror (that was not Thriller, I don’t think). And I forgot how well he danced before he was very, very sick.

    Have a wonderful week!

  2. Oh no! Not you too. (Sorry, I’m on MJ overkill right now.)

    My favorite memory of Michael Jackson (also involves my favorite MJ song) was when my sisters told me it was a guy that sang the song “Billie Jean.”

    I refused to believe them until I saw the video.

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