Musical Mondays is about our favorite music. If you’re a writer, does it inspire your creativity? Cure writer’s block? If you’re not a writer, what do your favorite songs do for you?


All that Matters, by Addison Road


I listen to some songs just because they’re fun. You know? Like, a great beat that keeps me pumping while I’m biking or runnin’. But some–well, some have those few words that truly inspire me. Or even remind me, of what’s important.

This part of the chorus did that for me in this song:

‘Cuz all that matters is, all that matters is, I know your love has set me free, and that’s all that matters to me.

Full Lyrics CLICK HERE


You know what? I can face pretty much anything know that I have God’s love backin’ me up.

How ‘bout you? What gets you through the tough stuff?


3 thoughts on “MUSCIAL MONDAYS


    Music is very important to me during my writing journey. I ALWAYS search for or even stumble upon a theme song for my hero, my heroine and sometimes for them as a couple. For instance, on my historic novel Not Forsaken (still in editing mode) I used “Spoken For” by Mercy Me for my hero and for the “couple’s” theme song I used “I Can Hear Your Voice” by Michael W. Smith.

    I play these songs when I work on the scenes that have to do with these characters. The rest of the time I use instrumentals of songs I like to set the scene for my writing time. It kind of acts like background music in a movie and provides that real atmosphere that I need to feel my way through the scene.

  2. Wow! I love these stories! I think there should be a book written dedicated all to THe Call and writer’s journeys and what they did to get to that point. I would totally read it!

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