Musical Monday

“Be my strength, Lord, when my strength fades away. . .”

Just a few of the powerful words of this song.

Sufficient, Adie




“Your grace and your peace are perfect. Completely all that I need.”

I’ve been a fan of Adie Camp for a long time–even played a few of her songs here on the blog.

I had to bring this one back on the blog for a couple reasons.

First—this weekend, I was reminded that I am weak.

I really am. Sure don’t like admitting it, but I am. I’ve never been one to suffer allergies, or anything like that. . . but this past weekend, allergies had depleted my body to the point where I just sat in a stupor.

Just reminded how something so little can knock me over.

But what I do know is . . . “In my weakness, I’m finding Your strength. In my sorrow, A gentle embrace.”

Those few words are part of the second reason I had to bring the song back. I have friends and acquaintances going through various things such as disappointment, frustration, addiction, fear, anxiety, divorce, financial trouble. . . this is for you. Remember to stop and feel God’s embrace. Let HIM be your strength through it all.

4 thoughts on “Musical Monday

  1. Those words say it all. Thanks for reminding us Lynn! I’m saving that in my favorites. Have a great day and pass it on!

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