Musical Monday

I LOVE waiting for  . . . .

Okay, I couldn’t even finish that. I just had to try and type it to see if I could MAKE it be true. . . .

Truth is, I don’t LOVE waiting for anything. Especially if it’s something that could change my life (i.e. publishing contracts, contest results, whatever. . . )

I’m getting better at it, especially when I stay focused on writing new stories and lean on my friends. But it’s still hard.

So, when my writing buddy, Christian Miles, shared this Fireflight song with me, I had to put it up here on Musical Monday. It’s a great video and the lyrics really touch home.

My faves are: When you’re fighting to believe in a love you can’t see just know there is a purpose for those who wait.

The video gives me chills every time I watch it. AND, the song has been stuck on repeat on my iPod. . . The song is titled, For Those Who Wait. Hope you enjoy



So, is there anything you’re waiting for?

4 thoughts on “Musical Monday

  1. I actually don’t mind waiting as long as it is because I’m early and not because someone is running late. Amazing what a difference it makes to my temperment.
    Thanks for sharing the video.

  2. Great song, great album, great group. I hear ya on the waiting. Seems like I should adopt “waiting” as my middle name. 🙂 God is so faithful, though. I just need to believe. Thanks for sharing! Have a blessed day.

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