Musical Monday

HI! Rachel here. Lynn asked me to start off the week. She’s on her way to England right now. First a flight to Philadelphia, then a zillion hour layover until they leave for England on an overnight flight.

But hey, she’s going to England right? So no complaining.

Now, Lynn wrote about my funky story in Tainted Cadence and you can pretty much guess it’s one that is near and dear to her heart because it’s about biking—with a little supernatural twist, of course.

Lynn’s known to do a lot of biking if you follow her on Twitter or Facebook at all, so it was just a matter of time before she wrote my story because of that.

Anyway, so I get to pick the song today, and I just had to pick one of my favorites.

This song has gotten me up some mega hills when I thought my legs would fail me.



I’ve Got the Power, by Snap


I know, I’m only, like twenty-one, but I heard this song on an oldies station and fell in love. I mean, it takes a lot of power climbing Headland Hill. It’s at a ten percent grade, you know?

But this song pumps me up enough to get the power in my legs to get up the monster!


What song gets your blood pumpin’?


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