Musical Monday

Hi. Adrean here. Lynn writes about me and Lexi in The Mark of the Heir.

I’m glad to be here, but I think I’d rather be hopping around the globe like Lynn. She checked in with us all over the weekend and said she’s having a blast over in England. Paris is the next stop and she’s so excited.


I’m not much into country music, either, but ever since my stint in juvie, I’ve kinda been into it. The guards pretty much controlled everything, including what music could be played at what time.

I guess one of the guards had a thing for country….You’d think I’d hate it since I heard it mostly while in jail.

The first year out I hated it, but then I came around a bit. And this Lady Antebellum group is actually pretty good.

So, here you go. Enjoy Stars Tonight . . . and don’t forget to get your contest entry in. Click here for details.



Stars Tonight, by Lady Antebellum


See ya WEDNESDAY. I hear Lynn is making a visit on the blog tomorrow to go over the movie ECLIPSE in Cinema Sound Off. So stay tuned.


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