Musical Monday




Happy Monday, everyone.

I’ve played this song on Musical Monday before, but I just had to bring it up again because it holds a special meaning to me.

My hubby, Charlie, proposed to me fourteen years ago on Valentine’s Day. And we all know yesterday was Valentine’s Day. So, I had to dig out this song.

Fourteen years ago, Anytime You Need a Friend, was my favorite song.

Back then, we were living in Iowa City, IA, going to grad school. It was Valentine’s Day, and Charlie had a big test the next day, so he was stuck studying. But he said he’d stop by my place on a study break to see me.

He came over to my little apartment and put this song in the CD player, then asked me to dance.

Yep, couldn’t have been a more romantic Valentine’s Day as far as I was concerned.

Oh wait, yes it could. . . he dropped to one knee, held up the ring and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him.To make it even more special, the diamond, is his mother’s engagement diamond! (They just celebrated 42 years of marriage last year!)

Anyway, of course I squealed and said yes and the rest is history.

My favorite words from this song are: “I will love you endlessly,” which pretty much sum things up for us.

What’s your fondest Valentine’s Day memory?


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