Musical Monday–Emma Style

Hey, everyone. Emma Martin, here.

I convinced Lynn to let me host the blog this week! No special reason–okay, I lie–there’s totally a special reason….She finished my third book.

Yep. Violet Storm is done. Sure, it’s just a rough draft, but hey, three books about little ‘ol me–I’m stoked.

Anyway… she said I could host the blog to help celebrate since it’s one of my favorite things to do. I’m actually considering starting my own. . . but we’ll see.

Okay, on to the song. Now, I know Lynn likes P!nk, but the songs she likes are pretty old. This new one, Raise Your Glass, is awesome. Sure, there are a couple swear words but the energy that oozes off of the song ROCKS. It just gets me pumped up to go out and kick some demon a–*cough*butt.

Plus I can kind of relate when P!nk talks about underdogs and freaks. I’m pretty much both…I mean, purple eyes, a tattoo that glows and burns like the fire of Hades near demons . . . .

Anyway, here you go. Hope you enjoy.




What songs are rockin’ your world right now? What gets you pumped up and ready to jump out on the dance floor?

8 thoughts on “Musical Monday–Emma Style

  1. Hi Emma, I’m so glad Lynn finished your story. She’s a beast on the keyboard!

    Baptized by Fire by Spinnerette…it’s…just a great song. It makes me just want to pogo around like I’m at an 80’s prom.

    • Hi, Danica. Yeah…she wore through, like, six keys on her keyboard and had them replaced. LOL! Spinnerette….sounds interesting!

    • Hi, LBDiamond–Thanks for stoppin’ by. I told Lynn you said congrats and she’s waving to you as I type this. She was pretty stoked to type THE END on my third book, for sure.

    • HI, Rachel. I’m glad you liked the song. P!nk rocks. Did you see her on the AMA last night? Even pregnant she’s rocking! 🙂 I’ll check out Animals. . . .

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